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Small Evolution Dome Sculpture_02


This year Marc has been delving into a new limited edition series of geometric wall mounted sculptures. His perception of nature evolving came to light on his journey to develop these unique works which are entitled ‘ The Evolution Dome '.

By contrasting the smooth spherical outer shells with deeply carved internal fissures, the work is suggestive of planets having formed after having collided in an evolving universe. 

Pieces can be provided in any colour, with a matt, satin or gloss finish, and with their size being customized to be displayed either as a single large dome or as a sister pair comprising of two domes, one large and one small. The fissures can also be customized through the application of a coloured chrome finish creating a mirrored surface that allows for a unique interactive artwork. There is also the option of custom 3D mock ups which can be provided before placing an order.

Marc is passionate about his work and, with his vast experience of object and environmental design, he is eager to work at integrating each piece to best suit the chosen environment.

Materials: Fiberglass, Coloured Chrome, Paint & lacquer 

Large Dome: 112 cm  Diameter  x 18 cm Deep

Small Dome: 35 cm Diameter x 9 cm Deep

Price: Upon request

Evolution Dome White - Dimensions
Evolution Small Dome White - Dimensions

112 cm

35 cm

Available colours


Once mounted, The Evolution Dome can be easily rotated to a variety of positions.

Choose from an array of stunning Gloss, Matte and Off White finishes.

Evolution Domes White Blood Red

W1 | Blood Red

Evolution Domes White Gloss Aqua

W2 | Aqua

Evolution Domes White Matte Magenta

W3 | Magenta

Evolution Domes White Gloss Chrome

W4 | Chrome

Evolution Domes White Gloss Emerald

W5 | Emerald

Evolution Domes White Gloss Red

W6 | Red


W7 | Teal