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“Transmission” is a custom-made large scale mirrored artwork that is visually symbolic of an emitting signal that is broadcast into outer space. This grand 5 meter mirrored sculpture with its rhythmic wave-like panels, acts as a focal point framing the mirror to create a unique interactive experience expanding and reflecting its environment.

Designed to be both functional yet ornamental, this  timeless design enhances any interior creating a uniquely contemporary artwork as a focal point. Suitable for any hotel, hospitality or large scale setting, each piece is hand crafted with materials and techniques which allow the client to best integrate it within any chosen environment.

As seen, this design can be fashioned into a wide array of coloured options and can be hung both horizontally or vertically to suit any specific interior. 3D mock ups can also be provided to help visualize your personal choice of mirror and colour options in a gloss, matt or satin finish before placing an order. In addition, this mirror can be waterproofed making this design suitable for any indoor or outdoor use. 

Materials: Fibreglass, Glass Mirror, Plywood, Aluminium

Size: 520 cm x 260 cm x 14 cm 

Price: Upon request

260 cm

520 cm