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Marc Barold Bronze Reborn 02.jpg
Marc Barold Bronze Reb orn.jpg
Marc Barold Bronze Reborn.jpg
Marc Barold Bronze Reborn 02_edited_edited.jpg


This was a sensory deprivation performance piece, experimenting with new ideas emanating from his subconscious. It was also a means of enhancing Marc's sense of touch. The genesis of this piece was initially created with clay in maquette form in 100 % darkness, whilst subsisting in the pitch black room.

In 1997 Marc spent two and half days in a blacked out room making small scale sculptures out of clay for an exhibition entitled ‘ Two Days Black - the absolute nothing and the thoughts that followed'.

This maquette was later refined and enlarged before being exhibited in a dark space. When displayed as an installation, the tail on piercing it’s bronze skin, symbolized the breaking free from his confinement.

This piece although initially cast in bronze, was re cast for Star Wars episode 2 in white and featured in the film but can be re cast in any metal or paint finish.Reborn comes in a limited edition of 3.

​"This experience was more significant than the completed pieces themselves, due to my belief that all art starts in the mind and is always influenced ones environment” .

Materials: Resin

Size: 83 x 53 x 39 cm

Price: Upon request

53 cm

83 cm

Swergerviser 03.jpg


Bronze / Wood

152 x 52 x 50 cm


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