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Neon Nomads

2016, Sydney, NSW

Steel / Rubber / LED fabric

350 x 250 cm

In 2016 Marc was commissioned by Luca Lonescu and Sydney City Council to design and fabricate 5 teepees skinned in a state of the art LED fabric for Sydney’s ‘ Art and About ‘. This opened and was known as the main showstopper for this event attracting thousands of onlookers in hyde park attending.

The flexible screens were wrapped in a cone like pattern forming an interactive electronic canvas all acting like large scale sculptural TVs around each structure. Each teepee transmitted content in a 360 degree surround 20 minute loop of curated digital animation all driven from state of the art software.

A camera was set up on 2 of the teepees to film the audience so that they could be seen as a live feed and integrated as part of each animation whilst allowing them to move and interact directly with the content from their own body movement and enlarging them onto each teepee making for a highly engaging and interactive installation.


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