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Australian MTV Music
Video Awards

2008, Sydney, NSW

Custom fabricated Props / Paint / Pyrotechnics

Here he and his team, designed and hand crafted a variety of custom made sets and props that were all filmed and featured for that years ceremony. 

Marc also oversaw creating a series of customised helmets all worn by the lead characters, all dressed in white.

These helmets featured and where re created for the MTV awards themselves that where all handed out to the winners on the actual event night.

The overall idea was to create a surreal parody of slow motion filmed vignettes inspired by a Ned Kelly theme. This was to tie all the individual video's back into what could be viewed as iconically Australian with a creative twist.

In addition to this, Marc also oversaw the special effects, with some of these highly visual clips including, exploding bombs of paint with miniature models, and of the lead characters seen as figurines. All of these being filmed in ultra slow motion for dramatic effect.


The end result was seen and appreciated by thousands all around the world.

MTV Awards

MTV Awards

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