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MTV Set Australia

2004, Sydney, NSW

Found Objects  / Laminated Wood / LED

800 x 300 x 200 cm

Commissioned by MTV Australia in 2004 for their permanent set where the show would be presented, Marc was commissioned to design and fabricate something that was more like a large scale installation interactive artwork and acted as the main backdrop for the presenters and all guests for the show.


The unique approach to his design was that it could be re configured every month into a variety of geometric shapes and sizes for an alternate look for each show. This was achieved by constructing different size boxes somewhat acting like enlarged LEGO blocks that joined together interlocking from behind.

Each box housed different props that could be added or subtracted in accordance to what themes were being showcased for each  episode referencing music, art and popular culture to convey and enhance the visual narrative specifically for each episode.


To achieve this, Marc started the design process by finding 45 props and iconic objects to then spray them all blue whilst making each customised box fit around it in accordance it’s size. This was achieved whilst ensuring they all fit together like a 3D puzzle.

MTV 1.jpg
mtv-set (1).jpg

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