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The Chameleon Bus

2017, Sydney, NSW

Bus / Fibreglass / Steel / LED screen

1370 x 365 x 335 cm

Marc was commissioned to design a large scale art car for 'Camp Kaliva' for the 2017 Burning Man Festival held in the Nevada desert USA.

This was the first ever large scale vehicle that could be camouflaged into the environment in a chameleon-like manner.

To achieve this, cameras mounted onto the rear of the vehicle were employed to film the surrounding environment. This delivered a live feed which would be simultaneously projected onto a 45ft x 12 ft tall, high resolution LED screen, cladding the side wall of the vehicle.

Although this concept was conceived with the use of state of the art technology the design itself was grounded in Egyptian-spiritual tradition drawing upon themes of intuition and ancient wisdom - to help merge the old with the new.

The Chameleon Bus
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The Chameleon Bus
The Chameleon Bus
The Chameleon Bus
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