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Camila Fashion
Week Stage

2012, Sydney, NSW

Plaster mouldings / Wood / Paint and Glitter

3000 x 220 x 100 cm

For Australia fashion week in 2012 Marc was engaged to design and fabricate the main set and runway  for “ Camilla “ bringing her new range of colourful garments to life.


To echo her vibrant designs in the show, he cast several large architectural cornices, columns and European style plaster mouldings to then assemble them over a frame forming the main entrance arch and spraying them in vibrant colours creating the main entrance for the models to emerge out of.

These similar colours and shapes then ran along the floor framing the 40 foot runway extending the set outwards into the audience, whilst certain areas laced with coloured glitter sparkled throughout the show when hit with light bring the whole collection to life.


By re appropriating traditional elegance of European grander and synthesizing it with a splash of the contemporary made for a truly unique and memorable show.

camilla white.jpeg
camila .JPG

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